About Us

We are Pro Wrestling 4U, Staffordshire's Number One Wrestling Promotion!

PW4U officially started back in 2011 when Phil Woodvine & Kim Brown decided that the shows currently in Stoke weren't quite up to scratch and the city needed an over 18's promotion.

The date was booked for Saturday March 5th 2011 at the Keele Students Union, which hosted to over 250 fans.

After Keele they decided to move the shows to the main part of Stoke-on-Trent in Hanley to its Jumpin Jaks nightclub (PW4U Fight Night 11/11/11). It was at this point that Kim decided to exit PW4U leaving Phil as the sole owner. After this show the decision was made to alter the shows format and appeal in favour of a more family friendly approach as well as the decision to relocate to Phil's birthplace of Silverdale.

PW4U's 1st show at this new venue 'Silverdale Showdown' opened to 160 fans on Friday February 17th 2012 and got such a warm welcome that they immediately started to book more shows with management there; each time increasing its fan base & turn-out.

Little Snippets :

  • The seeds for PW4U unofficially started on June 14th 2008, when Kim took a photo of a wrestler Phil was stood by whilst he was security & ring crew for TNA when they were touring, at the Coventry Skydome
  • A friend recognised Phil in 1 of her pictures & tagged him in it, after seeing that Phil was managing on a local wrestling show in Stoke (Chris Curtis' BWA) she decided to go along to check it out
  • Not long after this show, Phil & Kim became friends & started to plan a pre-cursor to PW4U titled 'Extreme Wrestling 4U' under the Ryder Promotions banner which had its one show ironically at Jumpin Jaks in Hanley
  • After the EW4U show, the project was shelved whilst Phil worked his time at BWA as Chris Curtis prohibited him from joining another company
  • After a dispute Phil left BWA and the EW4U project was picked up, altered & set for March 2011 at 'Extreme Mash Up'

The rest as they say is history...